Olive Oil -One of our Prime Products !

Little about Olive oil !

Olive oil derived from Olives – the fruits of Olive tree. Olive is traditional crop of Mediterranean region. Today, Olive oil is well known all across the world for its taste & benefits on health. Olive Oil Can be used for a dip, in Cooking or Salad Dressing. Olive oil is very popular for used for making soaps and other personal care products.

Grades Of Olive oil:

Olive oils comes in different Grades like :

1 Olive Oil – Pure

2. Olive Oil – Extra Virgin

3. Olive Oil – Refined

4. Olive Oil- Pomace

We, Jay Chemicals Inc, carry all grades of Olive oil in stock at our Brampton, Ontario, Canada based warehouse.

Olive Oil -Packing Details:

Our Olive oils is packed in 220 Liter Metal/HDPE drums or 1040 Liter Totes.

Olive Oil -Pomace is very popular in Soap making Process

County of Origin for Olive Oil:

Our Olive oil country of Origin from Tunisia, Argentina, or Spain, depending on the availability of the product at the time of order.

220 Liter Drums
1040 Liter Totes